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Cellophanes is an ammonia-free colorizing gloss treatment that shines, shades, and dramatizes hair shape. It translucently illuminates each strand. M Salon trusts and uses the Sebastian Professional Cellophanes product.

Ammonia-free, Alcohol-free, and Peroxide-Free Colorizing Gloss

Cellophanes ammonia-free colorizing gloss treatment comes typically in a 300 ml bottle.

“Free from ammonia, alcohol and peroxide, Cellophanes is a ‘hair-friendly’ color gloss. As well as heightening the reflectivity of each strand, Cellophanes strengthens hair, preserves natural moisture balance and protects against UV. Now, glossy, translucent color means stronger, healthier looking hair,” as is stated on sebastianprofessional.com.

Cellophanes Come in 12 Intermixable Shades

Cellophanes in Houston.

Our hair stylists work with these shades to achieve your desired results exactly. We provide a variety of high quality hair coloring treatments, including full color, highlights, lowlights, babylights, and balayage treatments in Houston. M Salon has the hair styling experience you’re looking for. Contact us to schedule an appointment, today.